The Secret Trick to Developing a Perfect Golf Swing

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Two golfers demonstrating tempo

Do you dream of that perfect golf swing – one that allows you to hit the ball more consistently, put more distance behind the ball, and shoot lower scores?

If that sounds like you, there’s a crucial part of the swing that many golfers don’t consider when trying to build a consistent, repeatable swing. It’s not your grip, takeaway, or what the club is doing at the top of your backswing.

So, what is this mystery piece of the swing that plays such a pivotal role in finding the sweet spot?


The right tempo can help you hit it more flush, add more distance, and improve the sequence of your swing. It’s an underestimated part of the golf swing, but when understood well, it can help you tap into your true potential.

How Tempo Can Transform Your Game

First off, what is tempo in golf? Is it how fast or slow you swing the club? Should everyone have the same tempo?

Tempo is defined as the measure of your backswing vs. your downswing; often presented as a ratio. Extensive research in the golf world has shown that great players have a 3:1 tempo for their full swing.

This means a player’s backswing takes three times longer than the downswing. It’s important to note that tempo is different from speed.

For example, when many golfers think of “perfect tempo” Freddy Couples or Ernie Els comes to mind. Both can make the game look easy by effortlessly swinging the club with grace and speed. Because if you timed Tiger’s or Rory’s swing, you’d see they also have a 3:1 golf swing tempo.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to swing just like them to achieve consistent ball striking.

It’s dependent on your speed – some players have a faster swing than others. Your speed can also change over time, depending on a variety of factors. However, all the best golf players’ swings are nearly identical when measuring tempo.

Tempo ratio chart

Source: Easy Tempo Technique

How to Speed Up Your Tempo

Unfortunately, most amateur golfers have the wrong tempo with a backswing that is far too slow for the most success. So why do so many golfers make the same mistake?

This one crucial error stems from a piece of advice that’s been passed down for generations – “Take the club low and slow on the backswing.”

This became a popular piece of golf advice from the ball striking legend, Ben Hogan. While he might have felt he was taking it back “low and slow,” if you watch him hit balls, you’ll realize it seems quite the opposite.

Instead, his golf swing is very smooth and fluid. This is what amateur golfers should strive toward – a more flowing, faster swing.

A quick backswing leads to a smoother transition from backswing to downswing. Essentially, think of it like this: there’s no such thing as too fast when it comes to the backswing.

That is, as long as you’re keeping control and not injuring yourself in the process. Trying to force it by swinging harder can actually interrupt your body’s natural movement. Focus on swift, smooth speed instead of forcing your body to engage all its muscles through pure force.

Swinging the club back faster can actually help you engage the right muscles, improve your sequence, and add speed…which leads to more distance.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you realize and we’ll provide a simple solution below. For more tips on how to hit longer with a driver, be sure to watch this video on the Performance Golf YouTube channel featuring legend Sir Nick Faldo.

Short Game Tempo

While the goal is to achieve a 3:1 tempo on full-swing shots to improve your ball striking and add distance, this is actually not the ideal tempo for your short game and putting.

Proper short game tempo (any shot inside 75 yards) is a 2:1 ratio – meaning the backswing takes twice as long as the downswing. When you have a smoother tempo – too many golfers are slow, slow, slow then accelerate – it will lead to better chips and pitches.

The proper short-game tempo will greatly reduce the number of skulls and fat shots that can plague so many golfers. If you want a perfect swing and short game, you will need to focus on tempo, as it’s a secret mental hack of the pros.

Finding Your Ideal Tempo

If you’re like most golfers, chances are you want to correct your tempo for more distance with every club in the bag. Not to mention, build a more repeatable swing for more consistent ball striking.

So, how do you do it?

Learn the Easy Tempo Technique taught by Sir Nick Faldo and Eric Cogorno. This little known discovery helped Sir Nick play some of his best golf ever. When you learn this mental hack, it can help you:

  • Hit more fairways.
  • Add 10, 15, or 20+ yards on every drive.
  • Build a more consistent swing that doesn’t collapse under pressure.

This proven formula has helped everyday golfers increase driving distances from 202 yards to 224 yards (in one range session). While other golfers have gone from 215 yards to 241 yards… without any mechanical swing changes.

The Easy Tempo Technique is an online video training series that will help you hit it longer, straighter, and more flush than ever. But it also comes with some amazing bonuses to make it a no-brainer way to improve your golf game.

The bonuses include:

  • The Power Pattern: Learn a tour worthy practice routine from Sir Nick to add more distance, even if you’re strapped for time. Plus, you can do this training at home without hitting golf balls.
  • Simple Wedge Secrets: Once you start bombing drives with a smooth tempo, you’ll probably need to improve your wedge game for more looks at birdie and this bonus will help. Learn how to never chunk, thin, or miss another wedge again.
  • Live Coaching Clinic: The final bonus allows you to ask questions live, so Sir Nick can help you improve your game.

That’s more than $600 in bonuses!

Work on Your Tempo: Improve Your Swing!

A smooth, faster tempo is the goal – not a low and slow swing. Effortless tempo equals longer driving distance and guaranteed consistency.

The root cause of so many swing issues and inconsistent ball striking is an erratic tempo that changes from swing to swing (and one that is likely too slow).

But the right tempo will help you:

  • Improve your mechanics.
  • Straighten out your slice.
  • Not rush the downswing.
  • Add 15–25 yards off the tee.
  • Hit more fairways so you can shoot lower scores.

The fastest and easiest way to train your tempo is with the Easy Tempo Technique. This game-changing training will help you swing it better than ever.

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