Hook vs Slice: Fixing the Most Common Golf Swing Misses

By Performance Golf Zone · · 7 min read
Hook vs Slice

Which shot would win in a hook vs. slice debate? Most golfers battle a slice more than a hook, but nobody would consider either shot an ideal outcome.

A hook goes hard left off the club, while a slice goes hard right. Both can get you into some tricky situations on the golf course and issues you want to fix sooner rather than later.

We’ve covered the differences and causes of these shots in a previous blog post, but today, we’re going to help you correct each golf swing issue quickly. This way, you can find more fairways and lower your handicap fast!

”To get rid of the slice we need to fix the face, but your brain also needs to see a different shot pattern. We’re not looking to go from slice to right down the middle on ball number one.” – Eric Cogorno, Performance Golf Coach

Hook vs Slice: What You Need to Know

Both hooks and slices are very frustrating shots and can make for a long day on the course. If you’re hitting from behind the trees, from fairway bunkers, and other tough spots, it’s not easy to score your best.

If you want to score lower, it’s important to address these tee-shot mistakes sooner rather than later. They truly do start at the tee, and once you’re able to identify the root cause in your own personal golf swing, the sooner you’ll be able to improve it.

Fixing a Hook

A hook occurs from a closed clubface (pointing left of your target) at address position. So, how do you fix it?

Here are three simple steps to straightening out your hook.

1. Weaken Your Grip

Start by weakening your left-hand grip (for a right-handed golfer; weaken your right-hand grip for a lefty). A weaker grip makes keeping the clubface square at impact easier and can greatly reduce your hook. In fact, this tip alone might be exactly what you need to turn a hook into a draw.

If you’re still hitting a hook, try weakening your trail hand grip as well (the opposite hand of the one we mentioned earlier). You want to feel like it’s more over the grip, which will also help keep the face in a neutral position at the top of your backswing.

2. Improve Your Takeaway

Once your grip is correct, the next area to focus on is your takeaway, as it sets up the rest of your swing. If you’re hitting hooks, you’re typically swinging too far from the inside on the downswing, which can happen from a takeaway that is too far outside.

To offset this, try taking the club back further on an inside plane. This will help you achieve a slightly steeper downswing and a more neutral plane, which is ideal.

If you need even more help getting the takeaway dialed in, make sure to try out the StraightAway training aid. This small device attaches to your club and provides instant feedback to improve your takeaway position.

3. Hit From Downhill Lies

The final tip to straighten out a hook comes from Jim Roy on our Performance Golf YouTube channel.

Once your grip and takeaway are improved, practice hitting shots from downhill lies. Since most driving ranges are flat, you’ll likely need to do this on the golf course when it’s not busy.

Find a downhill lie and use a mid-iron to focus on swinging down with the slope. This downhill lie will make your shoulders turn instead of tilt and create the feeling you want. Learn more about this drill by watching the full video, below:

Fixing a Slice

Now that you know how to fix a hook, let’s correct the other major issues golfers face – the dreaded slice. A slice is so frustrating because it limits your distance potential and can crush your confidence on the tee box.

Here are three proven strategies to help you straighten out your slice.

1. Fix Your Fundamentals

If you’re hitting slices, it’s because the face is open (facing right of your target) at impact position. One of the biggest causes of this is a grip that is too weak (the opposite of a hook).

If you’re hitting slices, try to strengthen your grip so the V’s of your thumb/index finger point toward your nose (or right shoulder). Having a neutral or stronger hand position will make it much easier to keep the clubface square during your swing.

Another important fundamental is the takeaway; but in the case of a slice, it’s common for golfers to take the club too far inside. Once again, the StraightAway from David Leadbetter can help.

2. Retrain Your Mind

Once the fundamentals are fixed, it’s time to get your mind on board with hitting straighter golf shots. Eric Cogorno shares more in the video below.

When discussing the slice, Eric says, ”To get rid of the slice we need to fix the face, but your brain also needs to see a different shot pattern. We’re not looking to go from slice to right down the middle on ball number one.”

His solution?

Overcompensate and start hooking the ball to the left.

Once you do this and overcorrect the issue, your mind will understand a new shot shape and trust it more easily on the course. Once the ball curves to the left, you can improve your swing path too.

Fix the face and then the path to hit it straighter than ever.

3. Try a Slice Fix Golf Club

If you want even more help straightening out your slice, Performance Golf’s SF1 driver could be the answer you seek. This one-of-a-kind driver is the ultimate anti-slice club and can help you add distance without swing changes.

Everything about this golf club is designed to help you hit it straighter than ever. Here is what makes this club so different from any driver you’ve ever used before.

  • AeroSquare Crown. This design feature increases toe speed and helps square the face at impact for a straighter flight.
  • Fixed Counter Slice Weights. The weighting ensures the club gets square without having to adjust anything on the hosel or clubhead.
  • Visual Feedback Takeaway Tracks. Get the takeaway dialed in so you can have a perfect path from start to finish.
  • Counterbalanced SF1 Shaft. The shaft makes it easier to create more lag, so you can improve path and swing more from the inside for a straighter ball flight.

Click here to learn more about the SF1 driver now.

Hit More Straight Shots

If you want help with your ball striking and accuracy, don’t forget to check out the Straight Stick.

This expertly crafted training aid makes it easier than ever to hit flush shots with a dependable and straight trajectory. Designed by PGA champion and professional golfer Rocco Mediate, this golf training aid can have an enormous impact on your game.

You can use it on the driving range or simulator while hitting balls or during practice swings.

You’re Ready to Hit the Fairway

Hopefully, you now understand more about the hook vs. slice debate; with solutions to fixing both shots. Use the tips above to convert a hook into a draw or a slice into a fade so you have a more consistent shot pattern.

If you need more help to understand which part of your swing needs help, check out SwingFix AI. It’s the fastest way to fix the root swing flaw without taking a lesson.